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Also, there will be no change in the value of the shareholder’s investment. Nevertheless, the value of each share decreases, due to the increase in their number. Stock dividends may silence stockholders’ demands for cash dividends from a corporation that does not have sufficient cash to pay cash dividends. Retained earnings may have become large relative to total stockholders’ equity, so the corporation may desire a larger permanent capitalization. Stock splits before record date for an investor mean more shares in his account and less dividend per share. Stock splits after the record date mean the same dividend per share on the same number of shares that an investor is holding. In both cases, the actual payout received in dollars is going to be the same.

What are the disadvantages of a stock split?

Stock splits could increase volatility in the market because of the new share price. More investors may decide to purchase the stock after it is more affordable, and that could increase the volatility of the stock.

You are treated as if you held the new shares as long as you held the old shares. For example, stock prices are volatile and can cause a capital loss, or a drop below the initial purchase price. Additionally, the company may make a profit but may not pay dividends and may decide to reinvest the profits instead. It should be noted that this dilution is the immediate effect of a stock dividend. The payment is intended as a reward to shareholders and is made with the assumption that the stock price will continue to rise and the stockholders will reap the rewards. The number of shares outstanding would increase to 240 million (200 x 1.2), and the market price would be diluted to $3.13.

Investing implications

Now, company XYZ Limited declares the Stock Split in the ratio of 2 for 1 which means that for every 1 share, a shareholder will get 1 more share. In this example, Mr. A is holding stock dividends vs stock splits Shares, after the stock split his shareholding will increase to shares. Be noted that the price of the share due to stock split will go down and no. of shares will increase.

The 2-for-1 stock split will cause the quantity of shares outstanding to double and, in the process, cause the market price to drop from $80 to $40 per share. For example, if a corporation has 100,000 shares outstanding, a 2-for-1 stock split will result in 200,000 shares outstanding. Under stock dividends, the company issues additional shares to the shareholders in a certain proportion for free. Stock Splitting is nothing but division or splitting of the face value of a company’s shares. In this, the company divides its share into multiple shares. The company decides to take this action when the company prices are going very high, due to which the retail investors find it difficult to invest in them.

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The amount transferred for stock dividends depends on the size of the stock dividend. For stock dividends, most states permit corporations to debit Retained Earnings or any paid-in capital accounts other than those representing legal capital. In most circumstances, however, they debit Retained Earnings when a stock dividend is declared.

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After the distribution of stock dividends, there may be a decline in the price of the stock but the market value of the company remains the same. But here one must note that an increase in outstanding shares, it results in a dilution of the earnings per share, which will cause the share prices to fall. The percentage of shares issued determines whether a stock dividend is a small stock dividend or a large stock dividend.

Does a Stock Dividend Dilute the Price Per Share as Would a Forward Stock Split?

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